Our success

Vicasa is a company with more than 50 years of experience in the construction, maintenance and commercialization of houses, subdivisions, private estates, apartments, industrial plants, business offices, etc. With 126 collaborators. Vicasa Desarrollos is the owner of the properties where most of the facilities of Grupo Alert companies are located. We have a curriculum that includes successful developments in the city of Mazatlán, such as:

• Alameda subdivision.

• El Campestre: development of 644 homes.

• Palmeiras: 13 residences in private development.

• Quelite and Baluarte Departments: 9 departments on 3 levels.

• Jardines de la Alameda: 98 residences in private development.

In addition, VICASA has a catalog of lots and commercial premises which are available for lease. We have currently ventured into innovative vertical developments, the most successful in the region being: Camino al Mar a mixed-use development: 293 condominiums, 6 penthouses and a shopping plaza, and Portezza with 160 apartments.



To build and market a house with the highest quality standards and sustainable procedures, providing the customer with a service of excellence in the process of acquisition at a fair price, constituting us as a profitable and innovative company that adheres to its values and standards.


In 2021 we will be the number one option in the offer of social, residential and residential middle-level housing at the regional level.

Our Values


We think, say and do the right thing, always adhering to the principles of Righteousness, Honesty, Truth and Justice, both in dealing with others and for ourselves. We are someone who can be trusted.

Leadership-based service

Our leadership is to be alert to the needs of others, meeting them and exceeding their expectations.


None of us is as good as all of us united, creating trust in the team, complementing each other to work, empowering our talents to fulfill a commitment.


Our actions honor and speak louder than our words. We responsibly assume the functions that allow us to fulfill the mission of the company.


We develop solutions that anticipate the needs of our clients, with innovative products, processes and services that generate high value.


The Mission of Group Alert is to offer quality products and services that generate fully satisfied customers, through the optimal use of available resources within a framework of respect for fundamental ethical principles and values, to generate leading, profitable and constantly evolving companies.